Who is Mrs. Lavelle??

Hey lovelies!
First I would like to thank you  for taking the time out to visit my blog! I wanted to take some time to tell you a little about me and my vision for this blog.

A few things about me...
~*~I am 26 yrs-old
~*~Wife and Mother of 2
~*~I love anything with cherries
~*~As you can tell I am obsessed with make-up, I believe it is an artform
       and an expression of self
~*~I am completely comfortable with no make-up
~*~I am NOT a make-up artist, I just really enjoy having fun with make-up
~*~I am a bargain hunter... I try not to pay full price for anything
~*~I am extremely opinionated :)
~*~I thrive on positive energy
~*~I believe that every woman is beautiful in her own way!
~*~I love music, all different types...anything that makes me feel something
~*~I don't fit any kind of sterotype, I am me...
~*~I pride myself on being open and honest! Anything you wanna know just ask!

My Vision for the Blog
In this blog you will find information about affordable beauty. I am very aware of the state of the economy and live on a budget. One thing I feel that you shouldn't have to cut is things that make you feel beautiful. So in this blog I will talk about a variety of things make-up, hair, words of inspiration, plus size fashion and anything else I feel I would like to share with all of you. This is a place where we can talk freely and learn from one another. I don't have all figured out but just wanting to share things that I have discovered and to keep learning from all of you. So if you have questions, tips you would like to share, or request please contact me.

Again thanks for visiting my blog!

See you all soon!
<3 Mrs Lavelle

Disclaimer :All of my opinions are my own and are not influenced by monetary value. If there are any products that are sent to me or are a gift I will make sure a mention that within a blog post or video.
I currently, I am not getting paid for mentioning any company or product.
I am not responsible for any reactions to beauty or hair care products.
Please understand that all of my views are my own and I have no intent to harm.

All the contents of this blog are only for informational purposes
Also note, I am not a make-up artist or cosmetologist nor do I claim to be.

Please use the recommended products with caution.

All photos featured on the beauty-ona-budget blog are my personal property! If you want to use them, You need permission!