Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hard Candy's Sheer Evy Foundation Primer Review

Hi Lovelies!
So I wanted to share with you a product that is absolutely without a shadow essential to my everyday make up routine! Hard Candy's Sheer Envy foundation primer. My Bestie actually turned me on to this product and I love it!!!  So naturally I am going to share it with you!

About the Product
It is a foundation primer. It is super light (which I love). This product smooths the skin. It gives your foundation the perfect canvas!! A little goes a Loooonnnnnngggg way with this stuff.

Purchase Again?
 I have just finished off my first tube and already bought another.

Where can I Purchase this Product?
I have only been able to find the Hard Candy products in Wal-Mart.
You can also visit them online @

The primer is $6. It's worth every penny.

Mrs Lavelle's Thoughts on the Product...
It's love at first use. This stuff feels like velvet when it comes out of the tube! It is super light and smooth. It's easy to apply. When using this primer I don't get oily nor does my face "run" or "melt". I live in Arizona and I began using this primer in the middle of the summer and realized a major difference. It withstood 115 degree weather. In the summer I was able to get about 10 hrs worth of wear ( full face make-up). During the winter I am able to get 12-14 hours worth of wear. So this lovelies primer is a must have!

Your mission, if you choose to accept it...
Try it! Let me know what you think!

**There will be a lot more reviews on this company's products!!***

Talk to you soon,
<3 Mrs Lavelle


  1. Nice~Do you know anything about the Hard Candy Tinted Moisturizer? I want to buy it but want someone's opinion on it.

    Lavelle, I am your new follower now~Hope you follow me back:)


  2. Hey Mimi,
    No I haven't tried their tinted moisturizer yet. I have tried E.L.F's tinited moisturizer and I love it! It also is only $3... You might wanna check it out!

    Thanks for following :)

    Mrs Lavelle

  3. I have never tried Hard Candy products, even though I own there little Train Case. ha-ha. After this review I really want to try it out! Im using e.l.f. mineral primer right now, its my first primer... however Im almost out :( Im going to follow right now, and I hope you can follow me back! :)


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